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I have only cooked three Briskets so far, number one was of course the first, used the basic brisket format, decent, but maybe a tad underdone.

Number two got a boatload of Montreal steak seasoning and injected with some of the "low sodium" (really...hmm) broth from a carton...but then the sky opened up and I had to stash it in the fridge with all that salt..err seasoning on it, turned out salty, and maybe not done enough.

Number three....oh man :-) number 3 was great :-)...I used the Harry Soo format,foiled about 6 hours into the cook, it ended up overdone by to so called "competition" standards probably, I separated the point and gave it another couple hours while the flat rested in a cooler.

Next evolution I think will be Harry Soo but wrapped in butcher paper and cooked until it is utterly done.

I have no aspirations to compete...or make "competition" stuff :-)....I just want to cook food that makes your mouth water for more :-).

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