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Originally Posted by indianagriller View Post
I dont post very often, but after reading this thread first it makes me want to cook a few basic briskets as most of the briskets i cook are for competitions and i really dont care for it all that much. Dont get me wrong I love brisket, but i love me some old school salt and pepper brisket cooked on my UDS. Second, what is with all the Aaron Franklin worshipping? Sure he has a resturant that sells out everyday, we have one here in town as well (that is not very good by the way) I havent had his brisket so it may be that good i dont know, but all this stuff about him cooking only with Salt and pepper etc... has been preached numerous times by our own Pitmaster T. Some of you may not like him but there is a wealth of knowledge there. I know he has helped me out quite a bit with his posts and even what little bit I have talked to him through PMs and Facebook. I guess it takes someone being "famous" for people to listen... doesn't take some one famous for any one to listen. However, when you see the results live on T.V., it tends to get more peoples attention and gravitate people to that person or style.

It could also be that you need an Enigma machine to decode what PitmasterT is saying some times. He is also hard to read some times if you don't know his personality and that's hard to do on an internet forum, and that can result in people searching for info else where.

But in the end, does it really matter who lit the spark in people to get them cooking great BBQ?

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