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Default Third Brisket (pr0n)

Hi all,
I made this brisket last weekend, just didn't have a chance to post the pictures until now. Again, I chose a select brisket as they were the ones on sale. The one I got was just over 16 lbs., but it seemed to "bend" very well.
For the first time ever I decided to inject and used a beef broth from the store. I should've used a low-sodium broth as I believe it dried the brisket out a bit. Any input on this?
I applied a light coat of oil and applied my rub and let this brisket sit overnight.
I cooked this at 275*F for about 15 hours (crutched at 150*F) and I let the internal temperature get up to 192*F. I had one flare-up where the pit reached 350*F for about 10 minutes, but I quickly brought the temp back down. I realized at the end my temperature probe was in the point and not the flat (don't judge, 15 hours is a lot of time to drink).
It turned out pretty good; but, I thought the flat by itself was just a wee bit too dry for my liking. That was due to either the probe being in the wrong place, the beef broth I used or the fact the brisket was 16 lbs. to begin with. Once I poured a little of the drippings over it they seemed to liven right on up. The family didn't care and thought the brisket was better than the last. I'm my own worst critic. Going to do a few more before I upgrade to a more expensive cut of meat.
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