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Originally Posted by bb0bbby View Post
Mine held great for quite awhile too. Then I started cooking pizzas at high temps on it & soon after I realized the paint on the ash pan was changing colors due to the high heat. I then did the expanded metal mod to keep the small lump from sitting directly in the pan. Now my bottom gasket is 'crunchy' and sticking to the ash pan after any decent cook. I have a noticeable draft from the ash pan gasket & realize it is time to replace.

No assumptions here...

Maybe that's it-I never heat mine up to copper-smelting temps. I've tried the high-temp pizza that's the going thing, but I honestly greatly prefer mine with a thick crust that's crispy on the outside and soft inside instead of the thin crunchy pizza that everybody else seems to like. I like my pizza cooked at around 400-450*. That's about the hottest I ever get mine, if I want to sear a steak or something that requires really high heat, I can do it a lot quicker and easier in my barrel grill with an adjustable coal grate. To me, the Akorn shines at long, low-temp cooks, or for cooking stuff like chicken and such at medium temps, or for baking stuff. I have better options for high-temp.
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