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Found some matches.
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Thanks man! This is my first grill I ever paid this much

I bought a cheap $40 Weber wannabe to see if I'd like Charcoal grilling. I fell in love with my steaks right away. I just put some KB charcoal in there...put a nice rub on my steaks, cooked them up. I threw in some hickory wood and closed the vent to 5 minutes...flipped the steak and closed it up again for another 3 minutes with even more hickory....I was hooked!

So I forked over $200 for the Master Forge at Lowes...not the round type. I could not replicate the great flavor of the round grill. So I was going to get a Weber One Touch Gold...but after reading so much good about this "Acorn"....I had to have it....

I am sure I am going to love this thing!
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