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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Boshizzle, the best point you make, in my experience, is for people to stop taking bits and pieces of various techniques from successful cook and doing a mixed process early in their learning period. There is no substitute for experience and a lot lives here every day. I see it all the time, where people are going to 5 or 6 thread, 3 or 4 websites and doing what they like, and not what they are reading. Then they get mixed results and end up confused, or worse, intimidated.

In particular, there is a real difference in how you cook a brisket at 225F, 275F and 325F, right down to the trim and rub. There is a real difference between foil, paper and no wrap at all. And finally, there is a real difference between competition, catering, restaurant and home cooking. The methods do not combine well.
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