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Originally Posted by Boshizzle View Post
On the topic of "jiggly" brisket and the video of Franklin BBQ's brisket here is my 2 cents worth of opinion.

I've eaten brisket at Franklin BBQ. It's delicious. It's juicy. It's tender. I thought it was the best brisket I had while in Texas and I ate at 9 barbcuce restaurants including the Salt Lick, Snow's, and all the great places in Lockhart. Nothing I'm going to write below is any kind of criticism of Franklin BBQ's brisket.

As far as Bourdain's comments go, I must conclude that he really hasn't eaten that much great barbecue. His gushing praise says more about his inexperienced barbecue palate than it does Franklin BBQ's brisket.

Seriously. His reaction to eating it was the reaction of a person that is used to eating brisket cooked, chilled, and reheated for service at chain restaurants or other want to be barbecue restaurants.

Franklin BBQ's brisket is good, but it isn't so unique that it is in and of itself the gold standard as insinuated by Bourdain.

You folks who want to learn to cook a brisket that can rival anything you can get at the BBQ meccas in Texas need to pay close attention to methods that you can learn right here on this board. And, I mean close attention.

I see a lot of people try to combine methods from different cooks and then complain that the meat was tough or dry or whatever. You need to try several methods exactly as described in the posts without deviation. Then, make up your mind which on you like. You may have to make adjustments because you are using a different cooker than the original poster (OP). If so, ask questions before trying the method. Or, seek out a successful method on the board that highlights the kind of cooker you have.

Don't deviate from the instructions. Don't!

Further, butcher paper is no silver bullet. The great Texas places wrap in butcher paper because they have it on hand and it costs more to buy butcher paper and aluminum foil together. They use what they have on hand.

If you have trouble getting good bark on a brisket, it may be your method, it may be your ingredients, it may be the foil, and it may even be the butcher paper. There are many ways to skin a cat and to cook a delicious brisket and you can find a lot of them right here on this board.
Well said.
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