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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Thanks everybody! I forgot to mention, I sprinkled the shrimp with SM Season all too.

Originally Posted by PatAttack View Post
I've been calling you Jeanius for a while now. Glad these guys are finally catching on.

That is an Einstein move with the pork skin coated skrimps. Maaavelous, Daaaling!
Originally Posted by Phubar View Post
You stole that from me Pat.
...and it's Jeaniusz BTW.
She also goes by the name of Doc.J.
(((HUGS))) to both of you!!

Originally Posted by Arlin_MacRae View Post
Very nice, Miss Jean!
Question: how much oil is in your Dutch oven? Is there just enough to cover the bottom or did you deep-fry those skins? Can't quite tell.
As usual, you inspire us with your creativity!

Thank you Arlin! I deep fried these. As soon as they hit the hot oil they sank to the bottom and shot right up to the top. I used tongs to keep them submerged until completely "pufffed". I could only handle doing two at a time, they cooked so fast.

Originally Posted by htrisna View Post
I like to crush chicharrones and sprinkle on top of gumbo. It cranks the gumbo up to eleven.
I use Bakennettes Hot n Spicy though.

Love that idea...Thanks!

lol Jason Thanks!! This might be good on non-seafood items too.

Thanks again for the kind comments friends.

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