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At the risk of sounding too blunt:

1. Your end product is ugly. I would suggest picking new housing that is more appealing to the US customer and picking finishes that hide wires.

2. Your ebay listings are cluttered and confusing. It took me 20 minutes before I figured out the differences between the packages and im still not sure I understand them 100%.

3. DigiQ has been around for a long time and have earned the trust of the BBQ community. Although they are expensive everyone knows they work and work well. It has won many competitions for people.

What does make your products attractive is the price point and technical capabilities. At this price point your target market would be the average backyard BBQ'er and because of this I would suggest making your models very simplified+rugged. People in the US tend to value 'easy to use' and shiny things with bright colors, looks matter a lot.

The hesitation lies in the fact that not many people have used your product yet so there is risk in buying something that has no history.

The most common smokers that people will use with your product:

Weber Kettle (OTS, OTG)
Weber Smokey Mountain (Bullet, Weber SMS)
Big Green Egg (BGE)
Komado type
Ugly Drum Smokers (UDS)
Offset box smokers

One last note, I dont understand why a BBQ controller company hasnt made this yet but would you consider making a model that is rainproof? Being the only company that makes one may give you a competitive advantage.

Sorry if my comments were too harsh I was trying to give an honest opinion and not offend you.

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