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Originally Posted by HBMTN View Post
You are probbly right if you are in a area that you will sell a lot of brisket. Here in Virginia I will sell 24 butts to 1 brisket. My cost in a cooked lb is $5.72 if I use the cost X3 that has me selling at about $17.25lb.

I guess what I was saying in my first comment is that about the only big seller I have that I can do cost X 3 is pork because I sure can't do it with brisket and ribs.
I agree with you. I lived in Virginia before being transfered in Maine and I fully understand that pork is king there. I'm not saying that the end all be all formula is the X 3 approach and thing will have to be adjusted according to your market. However, $10 a lb is not out of the question and still gives you almost a %100 profit not counting your time, which is subjective to how you view it.

I personally don't look at the time it takes me to cook as an hourly rate approach. I look at it as an over all cost of raw product and charge accordingly and accept that it's not a short process and it's just part of the reality of choosing to take on a gig. I think that if we charged for every hour of time, it would be a very unreasonable and unrealistic expectation.

They way I see it, if it costs $500 in raw product (no matter what the protein), that's every thing, plates, foil, cutlery, all incidentals including gas and taxes, charging $1500 for the event is what's paying for my time. And many events that have 100 people, it takes 3 or so days between purchasing all said incidentals, setting up, cooking and cleaning every thing up. Unless you have help and then you have to weigh the help to pay out ratio that cut's into your profit.

So, in reality, if you do a gig your self, that hypothetical $1,000 is split by 3 or however many days it takes to complete the full cycle. I'd say $330 a day, hypothetically, isn't all that shaby.

Granted, selling per/lb or per rack is different, and you may have to cut into that profit of that specific meat a little to satisfy clientel for the sake of keeping a positive light on you just by making it available. Kind of the "you have to spend money to make money" saying goes. It may be a smaller profit margin looking at it in black and white, but it may be benificial in the big picture by bringing in more customers.

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