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Originally Posted by CarolinaQue View Post
That's what I'm trying to figure out? At $3.19/lb for CAB Choice, a 10 lber cost me $31.90. At a 40% loss due to moisture, I get about a 6 lb yield of meat. That means that at $12/lb, you have $72 - the $32 for the raw product = $40 roughly. Take away another 20% for incidentals like fuel, rub and such and you're still left with $32. A pretty decent (about 75% by my calculations) profit IMO not counting your time. Or did I miss some thing? These are strictly rough #'s BTW. Just throwing it out there.

You are probbly right if you are in a area that you will sell a lot of brisket. Here in Virginia I will sell 24 butts to 1 brisket. My cost in a cooked lb is $5.72 if I use the cost X3 that has me selling at about $17.25lb.

I guess what I was saying in my first comment is that about the only big seller I have that I can do cost X 3 is pork because I sure can't do it with brisket and ribs.
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