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Originally Posted by ccarter View Post
I picked up a 14.75lb brisket today (USDA Choice, $2.58/lb, thought I did well there). I usually expect 1.5 hours per pound, and that held pretty true for the only other brisket I've ever done. It was 8lbs and took 12 hours. Should I really expect it to take 22 hours to cook?

I am going to cook on my BWS Party, at about 245*. I know that if I foil I can cut that time down. I'm wondering if it would be bad to let it go, and if I start getting nervous about the time, foil at that point (it should be above 150* internal by that point).
Time is a guideline, yes it could take that long and maybe not. Internal temperature is also a guideline, the real test is done by touching with the fingers.

Originally Posted by ccarter View Post
Other question: Basic Montreal Steak Seasoning or Bad Byron's Butt Rub? I'm going to inject it with a very basic beef broth/stock injection.
Use your favorite or just salt and pepper, make it to your liking...

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