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Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
I name my controllers as DOG WOLF TIGER LION.
Obviously animal name is not good.
What name shall I use.
I am doing this online study.
If I pickup the name you sugget, I give the first suggester a free controller itsself. I will give 50% discount of the controller itsself to second suggester.
Any later suggesters will get a free AC/DC 12 VDC 5 Amps adapter if they buy the controller.
I would go with an American Military theme:

The General - [ Lion ]: Wifi controlled

The Commander - [ Tiger ]: Remotely controlled with LCD display

The Captain - [ Wolf ]: Standard model > Dual LCD 4 stage controller, 1 pit probe, 1 meat probe, 10CFM fan

The Private Firstclass - [ Dog ]: Basic model > Single LCD 4 stage controller, 1 pit probe, 10CFM fan

This is something all Americans will understand and at a glance they will know which one is better.

I was just checking out your ebay listings and if you want I can help you reword them so they are easier to understand for North Americans.
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