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Wang the electronics that are being sold buy others are almost perfect in appearance and quality, as far as differance in operations,that is where your product is superior....If you can clean up your wires, the way the ends are fastened and don't use single wires . also ( Red wire for + Black for -) ... NEW Controller (not something with scratches an marks) The fan wiring needs to be secured to the fan, not just by being soldered, but secured with a bracket, Stay with the metal housing fan, not plastic, and come up with a light weight box encloser, Remember these aren't just installed and forgotten,,, the will be removed and installed alot, need to be more durable.........Main point ..If they are to be sold as new they need to Look Like New...A clean web site not all jumbled with all your products on 1 page, each item should have its on page for its information, setting, faqs,trouble shooting,etc...You also need a great customer service dept....
Instead of finding an investor, hire someone to be a rep. let them do what you need done,,Ship them your product, and let them take care of most of the problems...
Just my 2 cents
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