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Default Folow-up for Pellet Burner Lion Combo

Well, did or competition cook this past weekend.....Set up our Backwoods Competitor Jr Pro with Wangs Pellet Burner, and The Lion..

Fired everything up for a test run around Midnight and got the temps up to 240 , Turned of the Lion and filled up the hopper.

Arrived at 4:30 am turned on Lion and did not have to re-light the Burner,it had not completely gone out, so it took off..

Within approx. 20 minutes the cooker was at 240 deg. so we loaded the shoulders and closed her up,temp was back to 240 within 10 minutes.

We used Traeger oak pellets, did have Lots of smoke for first 15 minutes then just a little the rest of the cook....

Pit probe was moved several times during the cook. With pit probe in midle of cooker we found Top Rack was at 273 deg, 2nd rack 260, middle 240, 4th 235, bottom 230... Hard to beleive that much variance in an insulated cooker.....Gage on cooker showed 240 Now i know why with the Backwoods you need to rotated your meat during cooking....:(

Wrap'd shoulders at 8:45
Around 11:00 am turned off Lion, and let everything sit for about 5 minutes and removed top of burner for reload. not flare up or blow back..put the remainder of pellets from bag in , put on the top added water for the seal, Turned on the Lion...set the Lion pit temp at 200, and left it alone the remainder of the day...

At 6:00 pm we removed the shoulders, meat probe showed 195, and pit 200.... Pulled and served to our Sponsor, approx.50 folks..

Lion worked flawless, and the burner ran on 3/4 bag of pellets for 14 1/2 hours, with no baby sitting.... now if i can figure out how to put a rotissery in the Backwoods i'll have a perfect Cooker.....I'll post photos later
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