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Originally Posted by DMW View Post
I am about to start my first UDS. Because I am lazy and in a remote area I opted for the kit from Big Poppa's. I have my drum. On the side it says it was used to transport ethanol so I am planning to burn it out good but here is the question. I've read a lot about how and why to burn out the drum but I don't recall any mention of what to do about the lid. Doesn't it also need to be baptized with fire? If so, how?

Anyone have an opinion about using a drum that transported ethanol?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

I'm preparing myself for not being able to justify the time and money for making my own basket and just going with the Big Poppa basket. Have you received your kit yet?

If so, I have a couple of questions that you (or anyone with experience with this kit) will hopefully be able to answer. Since the website doesn't say and Google, as well as BBQ Brethren, searches bring up nil results, what are the dimensions of that basket? Any idea how many lbs of briquettes it'll hold? Does it appear to be good quality and made from safe materials?

It appears many people like the rubs and such from Big Poppa, but there's only 1 You Tube video (besides from Big Poppa) about this kit and all he says is that it appears to be "good quality". Since I'm a n00b to Big Poppa products, I don't really know if their products are worth the costs or not.
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