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Cool, thanks for the advice. Iammadman, I ran into a pastrami recipe that called for a dry cure roughly 6 to 7 days over at TVWBB and thought I would try that. The corned beef in a brine takes weeks and I don't want to wait that long. Bad me. If I get the right pickling spices for corned beef together, I'll think about giving the brine a try. I thought the brine was possibly responsible for the texture of the pastrami that is sliced so thin at the delis. But if I can do it with a dry cure, I'll go for that first.

This is a photo of the sort of pastrami I want, it is from Sadie Katz Deli, NOT mine:

CarolinaQue, by steam pot do you mean pressure cooker? I have a couple of those and can configure the brisket/pastrami to fit if necessary.

CaptnDan, along with the pride of making my own is the fact that in the little corner of the Philippines I inhabit, corned beef and pastrami are pretty much unheard of. Or at least unobtainable without a 6 hour bus ride down to Manila. Lazy me wants to avoid the 12 hours of riding up and down the mountain.

NCGuy68, do recommend one over the other? I'm guessing I will give the apple a try first. Cherry arrived in shreds while the apple is in chips. I use hickory chips most of the time so that will be fairly familiar.
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