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Originally Posted by Ringburner View Post
Hi all

Just took delivery of a foodsaver 420. It's the small modell, my Mrs says I can't have any more bulky appliances in the kitchen :(

Does anyone else seal and freeze left-over Q?

Should I slice/pull it PRIOR to sealing/freezing or should I leave it as one "lump"?

I'm wondering how long it can keep in the freezer WITHOUT freezer burn/spoiling? Does sealing it really give it a longer life in the freezer?

Also once I've thawed it out, what's the best way to re-heat?
I work in Emergency Services and I'd like to be able to take Q to work for my dinner, I've tried microwaving Brisket and it TOTALLY RUINED it!!
I'm totally SICK of eating TV dinners/salads at work......


I have dropped a small FoodSaver bag of brisket, maybe half pound or so, into boiling water, left it in there for about twenty minutes or so and sliced bag open and poured onto plate, just about as good as the day it was smoked.
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