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The primary issues with cooling large volumes of meat are plenty.

Have you taken a Food handling course?
If so - then you know there are certain requirements and techniques to safely cool down cooked foods thru the danger zone.
If not - go get someone who has the knowledge to assist you.

For example - think of a mass the size and shape of a standard red brick - weighs a couple of pounds. That size will take longer to cool down based on its physical size and density.

Take that same brick - and spread the mass thin within a 1 gallon ziplock - shaped like a book. and place it between ice blocks/refreezable blue cooler blocks and watch how fast it cools down. Or you can also place it between two hotel trays of ice for a quick chill... before going into the deepest portion inside a walk-in in the lower elevation (knee level).

It all depends on maximizing surface area to an iced surface.

You do not want to put hot hotel trays full of BBQ (10-15 pounds per tray) into a cooled environment.
Improper cooling will risk unsafe foods to the public.

I would not want to be there when that happens... liability will not be kind.
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