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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by TurboDog View Post
but the way they were going on and on about how the smoke ring meant it was held at a low enough temperature for so long had me wondering. QUOTE]

I think that the guy meant that it wasn't cooked hot and fast, say, in the 350* range, but rather, it was cooked at a low enough tempurature to take the smoke on better and that's the reasoning behind the smoke ring. I don't necessarily subscribe to that notion. I don't cook hot and fast, but I have seen and tasted the result of friends of mine that do and there is definately a smoke ring. It may not be as pronounced, but there is definately one there.

As a side note though, I have no idea who the guy is that's with him that was "educating" Tony on BBQ. He may not even cook 'que himself, so I'm not sure what first hand experience he has regarding what particular process/technique gives specific results. All that was obvious to me is that he knows how to consume quite a bit of it.
He is a food writer who specializes in BBQ.

I've watched that episode twice in the last week. I've never been to Franklins, but I will be going asap.

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