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Originally Posted by AZScott View Post
If you have read and watched a lot of his interviews, he has said a lot of different things about his brisket. Not once has he ever said he cooks hot and fast. His cook times are always really long according to him but there is a wide variation in temps mentioned as well as when he wraps, when he puts them in the hot box, how hot that hot box is, how long he holds them, etc. The guy is never consistent in what he says other than "low and slow", he doesn't inject and that salt and pepper is the only seasoning used. I've also found that when I cook a brisket with salt and pepper and wrap in parchment / butcher paper and hold in the smoker my bark still has a little crispness to it. I've always heard from people that the bark is soft on his briskets. Perhaps he's stacking the briskets on top of each other in the hot box and the bark is softening up.

Tim, the guy with him is Daniel Vaughn with the blog Full Custom Gospel BBQ.
Thanks for the info on who he is. Still not sure how much credit I give to his opinion if he hasn't tried the process himself and came to an experience based conclusion rather that relying on what he's been told.

I think that you're right about the stacking softening the bark Scott. The quality of the bark is one thing that made me a believer in the butcher paper wrap. I would imagine that stacking them on top of each other would soften it a bit just from the moisture being held close to the surface. not able to evaporate off. Just like with foil.

But I have heard him say more than once that 275* or so is his cook temp. It makes sense with his claim of 16 hour days also when you add the whole process from start to finish to serving and getting ready for the next day.

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