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Thanks for the report. I've been to Franklin's in Austin and that experience has become my reference point and target. I do Salt/Pepper only, but don't do foil or paper - I think because I'm too lazy and I'm getting dang tasty results.

Thanks for the answer above on how you wrap. That was helpful. Can you clarify:
1) For checking doneness, did you just do it by feel of pressing on the brisket? Press looking for wobbling? Or did you use a probe looking for resistance?

I did a couple of things. I pressed on the paper with my finger until I felt it meet resistance and then I pushed a little harder at that point to feel if the meat would give (jiggle) or if it was still pretty firm on the surface. Once I felt that it was giving a little, I carefully inserted my thermapen/probe at an angle until I felt it push into the meat. I did that in a few places to make sure I wasn't missing the meat or going through it.

2) If probing, are you unwrapping, probing through the paper or what? Same with the temp readings, though the paper? And do you have enough skill to probe the top without going through the bottom paper/foil? I don't.

No unwrapping, going through the paper. What I did was I took the probe and placed it at an angle on the out side of the paper as a visual of how I was going to probe it, and how deep it would need to go. I then placed my thumb on the probe so I knew how far it would have to go in, to both make sure it was in the meat, and to also make sure it wasn't going to punch through the bottom. I then, carefully, inserted the probe at that angle and to that depth. I also went right through the middle of the paper on the point end parallel with the meat so I knew I was right in the middle of the point.

I hope that answered your questions.

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