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Originally Posted by Tatoosh View Post
I'm kinda lost here. Two steamer pots. Cut the bottom out of both. Attach one to the other via rivets for stability? And what lid is screw to what? I really like the idea, though if I did it, I'd want them to detachable so I could single or double as the job called for. It would work great, I think, for smoking homemade sausage and hotdogs. I don't need super high heat for that, just smoke and get the dogs to 150F or so to finish.

Stability would be a concern. Am I mistaken about a mini-wsm will disassemble back into a Smokey Joe for grilling? Once you convert it to the mini-wsm it is dedicated to that? Regardless, I'm really looking forward to hearing how this smokes.
Yes both pots have the bottom cut out, the lid that comes with it is screwed to the bottom of one pot with the center cut out. Once the lid is attached you put it on top of the other one, thus doubling the capacity. The pot comes off and you are back to a regular grill, a 2 for one and yes you can configure it how ever you want and yes it is stable.
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