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Originally Posted by New Pal Frank View Post
In the CBJ class my wife and I took 2 1/2 years ago, we were told that (average) 6, was what every backyard cook (meaning home cook) would produce. Not what the average team would produce. Therefore, most of the Q that has come accross my tables in the 25 contests we have judged has been 7 or higher.
Also if i score below a 7, I will give a coment card so the team isn't left scratching their head as I have since we started competing this year.
As a couple of Reps have told us in the judges meeting before hand, ther is NO limit to how many 9's you can give out in a contest. If everything presented to you is top shelf product, it is a 9 and I agree. We are judging on criteria, not comparison.
I have been instructed on several occasions that 5 is the average, other times it was said to be 6.
Where I kind of take issue is the idea that just because a "team" cooked it that it would automatically start at any number. It's either good or not according to my palate and is scored that way obviously in degrees dependent on how good or how bad it is. If some meat comes across my plate that tastes real heavy of "jet fuel" or "creosote" (over smoked) then the likelihood of it getting a 6 or 7 out of me is slim to none. With that being said do I still score it a 5 or 6 to not insult someone?
Just to be clear, I don't have any problem handing out 9's to everyone who's food I'm judging IF the product deserves it and conversely, no judge should be discouraged or afraid to hand out 3's if so deserved but unfortunately that's the current culture in some places.
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