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Originally Posted by neuyawk View Post
Perhaps what the KCBS guys are looking for is not what Texans are looking for? What's overcooked for one is an example of perfect brisket for the other?
Ya know, I thought this too, and I guess I still do for the most part, but recently on Greg Rempe's show he hosted the newest installment of the Brisket Roundtable. One of the guests was Mike Wozniak of Quau. Right now he is one of the top ranked brisket cooks in KCBS. At one point during the discussion I remember hearing him say that he knows the brisket is done when it has the resistance of a woman's breast. Now these are his words not mine, so hopefully I don't get modded haha, but that sounds to me like his brisket is more tender than what most are shooting for.
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