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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Talking My new favorite breakfast meat...

No pics but I did have to share. I had this brisket point leftover from last weekend's cook. I did it hot and fast in the kettle - about 325 grate temp - using Simply Marvelous Peppered Cow (For those who have not yet tried this - you NEED to...) for the rub. It was a 12 lb choice CAB that I left untrimmed and cooked fat cap down to about 175 when I panned and foiled it 'til done so the point was a pretty good size when I removed it. The flat was gone in only a couple days between the three of us but what to do with the point?

So...Saturday night. Hadn't gone to the grocery store recently, we were HUNGRY and there wasn't anything we could prepare quickly. Then I remembered...

We had the point! I wondered how it would do if sliced and panfried like bacon? Sooooo...I made about 1/4" slices across the grain, and noted there was a fat layer about 3/8" thick...perfect. Into a medium hot skillet with no oil it went, figuring that fat would render pretty quick...which it did, making for a great fry. Redhot came in wondering if I was frying bacon......don't know if it was the beef/fat/rub combo but MAN did it smell gooooooooood. Let it go for a few minutes per side getting a really nice brown and exterior crunch just like a good thick bacon does.

This stuff was awesome! Our only regret is that we didn't have enough eggs to fry in the pan grease. Next time we'll know better.
Heck. This was good enough for me to want to cook another packer just to get the point to do it over again.

I'm sure plenty of folks have already done this but it was new to me. Thanks for listening!
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