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Originally Posted by Booking It View Post
Can you explain a little bit about using the parchment? Did you only have a single layer for the wrap or did you bring it around the brisket a few times? How did you get the parchment to stay in place and not leak out on the sides?

Sorry for all of the questions! The science of it makes me think that this could be the missing link between my non-tender briskets and success.

I actually used 2 pieces and folded the edges of them length wise 3 or 4 folds. Then, I placed a single sheet over that seam. I put the brisket over the single sheet and folded the parchemnt over as best I could and tucked the excess under the brisket letting the weight of it hold the paper in place. The parchemnt leaked very little. I believe that what grease leaked out was what worked through the seam I created. I then wrapped the whole thing with another piece that ran perpendicular in direction to the brisket to hold it all together the best I could.

With all of that said, I spoke to a friend after I put it back on after wrapping it and he said that he used an X pattern with the paper. Make a extra large X, place the brisket in middle of the X, wrap one end of the X over and tuck it under the brisket and then the other side. Repeat the steps with the other piece of paper that makes up the X. The weight of the brisket will hold the paper in place.

I recommend putting the whole thing on a sheet pan though just in case the paper doesn't hold or in case of any possible leakage.

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