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Originally Posted by CBQ View Post
That might be an interesting idea. Talking to reps, they sometimes KNOW there are certain judges that always score low or score high. Some reps have told me they dread certain judges showing up at a contest because they know a lot of 5s and 6s are going to be handed out for some good bbq. The reps, however, don't have any power to DO anything about that. The above suggestion might have to mitigate some of the risk - but I wouldn't try to group like judges together.

Winning the table...when it's a low scoring table...doesn't help you. Spreading out low scoring judges evenly across all the tables would be more fair to the teams.
This brings up some food for thought. Why is it that someone scoring 5-6 is considered "low scoring"? Doesn't the rating scale go from 2-9 or has this truly turned into 6-9 scoring? Is there now an attitude like in T-Ball where there's a trophy for just being there?
The reps said "they know a lot of 5-6's are going to be handed out for some good BBQ", in whose opinion (theirs?) and why is their opinion any more valid that the person judging it?
Then you have the question of who's palate is correct, could the people who're "low scoring" actually have a better palate than the "high scoring"?
Would y'all prefer false high scoring? If so then maybe the scoring and judges instructions should be changed to reflect that.

I hope you don't take this as me jumping on you or what you posted, it's not meant that way, I think you bring up some good points for discussion.

I keep hearing how this judge or that judge scored low so the judge "must" be the issue, why isn't the same said for judges that score crazy high when the rest of the table doesn't? I've never,ever seen a judge taken aside for scoring too high, just too low.
A good example of this whole argument is Hells Kitchen. You have all the chefs make a dish and invariably each one thinks it tastes fantastic. When it's tasted by Gordon or a selected group of celebrity chefs they have a way different opinion. Same thing on Chopped,Cupcake wars,wine tasting etc.

Until such a time where an absolute set of iron clad taste criteria can be laid out so every person tastes the same way/thing AND the judges are all instructed the absolute same way then you're going to have personal taste variations/rule interpretations that are not explainable nor changeable.

I guess one thing could be done which is having to pass a palate test before you're allowed to be a judge.
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