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Originally Posted by Carnivorous Endeavors BBQ View Post
I wonder how this would work out if all certified judges scores were kept and averaged over a period of time or several contests. Judges could then be assigned to tables so that all tables have near the same cumulative average for scoring. If all tables had a close to the same average in scoring, it would seemingly(on the surface) start a contest with a more level playing field. This way you shouldn't get 1 table who likes to score all 9's for practically everything. Just a thought....
That might be an interesting idea. Talking to reps, they sometimes KNOW there are certain judges that always score low or score high. Some reps have told me they dread certain judges showing up at a contest because they know a lot of 5s and 6s are going to be handed out for some good bbq. The reps, however, don't have any power to DO anything about that. The above suggestion might have to mitigate some of the risk - but I wouldn't try to group like judges together.

Winning the table...when it's a low scoring table...doesn't help you. Spreading out low scoring judges evenly across all the tables would be more fair to the teams.
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