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Default Intro and Wine Barrel Smoker Project Build Thread

A little bit about me... I do IT as my day job and am a Professional Pyro at my night job. :)
Here are some pics and videos if interested...

Now onto Smoker business....

I wanted to build a smoker, and I was going to go UDS but then fell in love with the idea of making it beautiful and functional.

So hence the Wine Barrel Smoker.

Info about its design.
Brand new wine barrel fresh from a local winery.
Still in progess
Planning to use the Amaz-N-Smoker (LOVE IT!) to create smoke.
Plan to use an electric hot plate burner just for heat (as needed) so I will be able to cold smoke or hot smoke.
Hot plate will be controlled via electronic thermostat.
Stained the wood with a nice finish I liked
Plan on having two grates for cooking
Plan to add a stack to the top
Plan to finish the door at the bottom
Used a special paint for the bands (7214 Gray) called Hammered. That give the metal a hammered look AND TEXTURE I loved.

Onto pics...

What do you guys think???
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