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wanted to add this here--started a new post with it last night...

Hello all-

First time poster here; I've had a BGE for a few years now, and just got my CyberQ Wifi today. Like many, I've been frustrated with trying to get the wi-fi functionality up and running.

In adhoc mode, I have no problems connecting to the cyberq network with my iphone and viewing the webpage. However, on both my Mac laptop and Mac desktop, I can join the cyberq network (listed in each as a "device"), but i cannot view the webpage as the connection always times out. I'm making sure that i'm trying to connect these devices one at a time, so it's not an issue of multiple calls to the cyber-q webserver.

The FAR more frustrating thing is that I have the EXACT same Verizon router setup that the user manual provides as an example for infrastructure setup, and I simply cannot get a handshake between the router and the cyberq. It's not a distance issue, as I have the two things all of two feet apart from one another. Can anyone possibly offer a bit of advice? My other wireless devices connect to an airport express that's set up as a bridge, but i confirmed that i'm able to connect each those devices directly to the wireless network.

I'm at my wit's end...
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