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You are walking into trouble when you say you are 'thinking' of doing cooks with the host providing all the meat. I don't really understand why you would think about this business plan unless you plan on only doing charity cooks. Once you start charging you are a caterer or at the very least a Chef for Hire and need insurance and control of the meats from purchase to service. The wood is not free, you have to drive over to the logs, cut them up to size and bring them back. If purchasing the meat is an issue then have the client pay the catering bill up front. I never cater and chase the client around the party trying to get paid. I get the final count 10 days prior to the event and the bill is due then or no cater. Simple, I am not a restaurant who can pull product from inventory and once I cook it there is nothing I can do with it except call the kids to come over and pick up food. Everyone has to decide if they are a business or good 'ol uncle Joe the BBQ dude.
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