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ultimately the only way to resolve this in which i have no idea how to do it and im sure nobody else does is: when our boxes go to a table we are competing against those six boxes. To show who is truly the best is to let each judge taste 40 pieces of chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket. Then you will really know who is the best. But dang, i would get full plus i would forget what the other 39 pieces tasted like, but hey that could be a good thing. Who knows, i just like being able to be there even if we don't win. I mean there is nothing like having stories to tell after a just by chance your trailer flips and the cooker door is open and 3 of your 4 slabs of ribs fall on the ground or maybe just maybe fall into the soapy sink. Im just saying, not that happened or nothing. LOL
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