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In theory (okay, the theory in my mind on this one), the issue will be addressed in the seating of judges at the beginning of a contest. If they are able to track high judges, low judges, etc., for the experienced judges at a contest, each table should be "balanced" prior to seating the judges. This will take away allowing a judge to sit where they please, however, it would put the tables on an even keel for the known judges. To me, this will become where the evening out is.

This will still allow for the new or inexperienced judges to be wild cards. But if we can get 4 of the 6 on average down to a known balance, we "should" see more consistent judging across the tables going forward. I'd much rather compete knowing that the average scores on most of the judges is balanced and taking a shot at 1-2 wild cards vs. a table of who knows what.

And as a side note, I'm still willing to bet we'll see the historically strong teams still be strong. It just could help level out some of the playing field.
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