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Originally Posted by ModelMaker View Post
There is a commitee in charge of designing, debugging, testing, and implementing the new KCBSCORE program. It is headed by BOD member Mike Budai who when each step is accomplished then makes a monthly report to the entire BOD at the monthly meeting.
I don't find it suprising that the entire BOD was not aware of a beta test of the new scoring system as Mr. Budai was just doing his job getting the system up and running.
I'm very certain the board will be fully informed of progress at the next BOD meeting.
Don't be all hating at KCBS for doing what we ask of them.
Sounds to me like, and I'm totally uneducated in the BOD history here, but it is operating as a BOD should. Boards set strategy, not tactics.

The smaller group is testing a new system from a tactical standpoint after the BOD set the strategy that they may need to look at improving the scoring system.

If it works, they can bring it the entire BOD for approval and full adoption then. If there is no beta test, how can the BOD have any data to support their decision either way.
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