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Originally Posted by Slamdunkpro View Post
Interesting, I've never seen it done at the TC level. That would seem to be a lot of box handling with the potential for dropped boxes. Here the boxes are always shuffled and checked for repeat tables before the TC's get their trays.
The procedure I've seen is this with a couple of minor variations:

1. Turn in hits the turn in table and is placed in the tray along with whatever number of clams that table will be judging which could be anywhere from 5 to as high as 8 (that I've seen) depending on how many judges are on site.

2.The numbers are changed from team number to KCBS number using whatever "factor" was generated for that contest.

3.Most times it is double checked for accuracy.

4.The tray is brought inside or set on a TC table right inside the tent depending on the configuration of the tent and how many TC's there are.

5.The TC's then check the box #'s for boxes that have hit their table before and swap out with other TC's if there are any repeats.

6. TC's then carry the tray to the table and start the judging process.
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