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I just got back from Costco in Livermore. They still carry the Vision Classic for $399. I have not been able to find a deflector or volcanic stone for my Vision. Home Depot and Sears are both out of stock. I don't know where the closest Ace Hardware is, but will check online for info. Thanks for that. I used my Vision for the first time and fixed BBQ chicken. It was better tasking than results from my Weber gas grill. I had no trouble getting and holding temp after following your advice about lowering the flame within 50 degrees of coming to temp. 2 hours after closing the vents temp dropped to 150. It was stone cold this morning, but I was too chicken to touch it - just checked the thermometer.
I bought a pizza stone from BBQ Galore wrapped in foil and placed it in a Spider rig from Ceramic Grill Store and it's been working just as well as my mother in laws BGE with plate setter...
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