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Originally Posted by Jorge View Post
By shuffling boxes AND moving judges you actually increase the chance of one or more teams being judged by high/low scoring judges more than once.
I think there's some clarification needed to what I was saying. Once the boxes get to the TC they are (at every event I've ever been at) checked for duplication from a list each TC has and swapped out if clam on the tray is from a team that has already hit the table.
The reason I suggested the shuffle of clams (boxes) prior to getting to the TC is to pretty much kill off a fairly easy way to "help" a friend win. Before anyone gets wound up, I'm not saying it's ever been done as I've not been at every event but I know it's possible to do. Shuffling the boxes prior to getting to the TC wouldn't stop clams from hitting a good or bad table, that's not why I suggested it.
Shuffling judges and TC's would certainly help the good/bad,cold/hot table issues.
Just my thoughts, your mileage may vary.
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