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Originally Posted by Foxfire View Post
I agree the price is decent for a new, clean drum. You'd have to test your Weber lid for fit (never know if you get lucky) but most likely the top edge of the drum wall is rolled over to create a lip that makes the top of the drum slightly thicker than the 22.5 diameter of the inside walls. Some people cut off the lip and others bolt or weld a ring of thin metal inside the top of the drum and sticking above the lip maybe 1/8" or 1/4 inch for the Weber top to rest on. That may need to be hammered to get a tight fit fit when you put on the top. Make sense?
Yep, makes sense. And I have already thought about it. If that would be the case I would cut off the lip of the bottom portion of my kettle, bolt and then seal it with high temp sealant.

Hopefully its a direct fit though
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