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Originally Posted by Rando991 View Post
This is a critique of the forum. Most forums allow you to see your own posts through your user control panel. This one apparently only lets admins search posts. I posted a question a week ago, and now can't find it to see if there's an answer. normally, I would "search all posts by rando991," but it won't allow me to do so.

Also, since I'm new to the forum (BUT not new to forums in general), I searched for answers to some issues I am interested in, but can't reply to the post because it is so many days old. What I am finding out, is this is a good forum, but information is button holed so tight, it makes it pretty useless...just try to ask a question that has a whole post devoted to it and watch everyone say "refer to this post" but when you do, you can't ask any questions because the thing has closed out. What would make this were to be a GREAT forum? Answer: 1) allow users to view all their own posts. 2) Don't close out topics because they are old. Too bad I won't see any responses to this, because in a week, I'll forget where I posted this critique. So I probably won't see your answer. I wish I could though...

We dont ever close threads. You probably have the 'forum display' setting set to 3 days or less. The bottom left of each forum has a display setting. Set it to a longer period.

You can also change the default permanently in your userCP.
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