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Default Need confirmation on my estimates

I'm doing my first catering gig this Sunday. Pretty simple, they just want pulled pork (for sandwiches) and hot dogs, 75 each (but may up to 100 each, I'll know by the end of the day.

I'm planning to cook on average 10lb butts and do 4 (if 75) or 5 (if 100). I've read to factor about 40% loss of meat in cooking process and 1 lb will make 4 sandwiches. It's a church group (mix of adults and children), so I don't assume I need to factor for "big eaters". So, I should have roughly 24lbs (or 30lbs if they up it). Does this sound solid? I don't mind having some extra leftover, just don't want to be anywhere near running out.

Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.
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