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Originally Posted by PollardsVision View Post
Since I got my first Kettle (DE, OTS) about a year and a half ago, I've been keeping my eye out on CL for more additions. It's been harder than I thought it would be. Just not many Weber charcoals on CL around here, for some reason...

The big find was a beautiful blue, DE, 22.5" OTG for $45. He claimed to have only used it once and it looked that way.
I assume it has to be a Gold. It's blue, has 2 handles, and has the hinged grate. Oddly, it didn't have the factory ash catcher or any clues that it was ever there. He'd put a trash can lid in place of what he described as the OTS disk. The clips for the disk are still there...

Did they ever make OTG's without the factory ash catcher? It seems that's what this is...
The Blue one is a bit different. Like others said, he may have replaced the grate with a hinged one. Did anybody else notice that the handles on the upper & lower half of the kettle appear to be different? It is possible that a handle was replaced, but its also possible that half of the kettle was replaced under warranty at some point. It seems like your Blueberry may be one of a kind!
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