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Found some matches.
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Looking back at Norcoredneck's build instructions from 2006, (thanks for that amazing tutorial by the way Norcoredneck!!) it seems that I should have used 1/2" exhausts on the top..... A little math tells me that a 1/2" hole has an area of .196" Sq, and a 3/4" hole has an area of .422" Sq....... I have to believe that makes quite a difference, as it's more than double the spec'd amount.... I guess I can cover up half of them and try again..
Another question about the use of the charcoal briquettes... I have cooked twice on my UDs so far bot times using Kingsford. Both times I got this acrid bitter taste which I would guess is the creosote I've rad about here so many times. Does anyone know if that bad taste happens with too much heat? I'm thinking that lump charcoal might not have the same problem...... Thanks in advance.
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