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Originally Posted by V-wiz View Post
HAHA, the toys are great, you can have them too. The cutting boards i got on sale at world market for $12, The weed burner was also $20, cheap toys ehh??. Now the 5D II on the other hand was NOT cheap. lol.
They are on the list! (Birthday in 6 weeks).

The mark III was out when I got my 7d, and I just couldn't drop that much. I've got a couple of L lenses and they all do very well together (and they better at those prices!).

Again, nice job on the food. I have the same problem when taking my pics: I don't mind taking a second to get the SLR going during prep, but once the food is cooked it's time to eat. I've been known to snap a quick iphone pic at the end myself. Espicially since I get funny looks when I start taking pictures of food while everyone's ready to devour what's been cooked.
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