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Originally Posted by hankaye View Post
crux, Howdy;

You mentioned, "I cut the bottom out of the pot. I also drilled some additional 1/4" holes next to the existing vent holes for more air flow."

Are those in the bottom or the top???

Why did you feel it necessary to drill them???

Did it work out like you thought it would???

Sorry, don't want to be a pain in the butt, however, you're the first I've read that did something like that... felt compelled to ask.

thanks for your thoughts.



I used the SJ a few times before I turned it into a smoker and I had trouble keeping the temps up. With the lid on the fire seemed to die out. I did some research and found others reporting the same issue. The answer seem to be there was not enough air getting in through the bottom vents. Mine is a newer model with the 4 hole vent at the very bottom. I drilled four additional 1/4 inch holes below the existing ones and that seemed to resolve the issue.This as before I turned it into a smoker though. You may not need to do this if you are cooking slow and low. I will try and get a pic tomorrow.
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