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Default Mini WSM Setup

There seems to be alot of mini wsm interest of late so I thought I would share mine. I built this last year, I used the Imsa pot from Amazon. I used a long bolt as a handle for the bottom vent.

I use a clay saucer from Home Depot for a heat sink. I wrap it in foil for easy cleanup.

I am a basket type of guy so I took the weber baskets and made them fit in the SJ. Channel locks easily bent the ends around so they would fit down in. I just think charcoal baskets make cleanup easier and gives you a more consistent burn. You can also see that I use a pot pie tin to cover the air vents. I took razor knife and slit some openings and bent the tabs up.

I cut the bottom out of the pot. I also drilled some additional 1/4" holes next to the existing vent holes for more air flow.
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