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Originally Posted by Barbarian BBQ View Post
I was going to make a mini WSM, but now I am going to wait to see how this develops.

Kind of ironic that Weber is cutting into their own WSM sales by making such nice moddable kettles.
I would Further the Last Comment By adding ....Weber is cutting into ALL of their sales by not offering us here In the USA the other models available in other areas of the world, they are different in design and have addtl saftey feastures such as the handle mounted heat shields etc..I understand they would be at a higher price point possibly but in the long run they would be winners.Me personally Would buy 1 of everything and 2 of some and continue to replace as they died .. I know I am only 1 person with this sickness ..but there is a Website (www.BBQ-Brethren)that is dedicated
to others with similar sicknesses and word travels fast and I know weber would have a surge in sales. JM2 cents
[I]2-Weber Mini WSM[/I]
[I]1-Jumbo Joe[/I]
[I]3-Weber 22.5 ots[/I]
[I]1-Weber 26.75 otg[/I]
[I]Nexgrill Gas[/I]
[I]Beefeater 3000s w/Cart -Gas[/I]
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