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Originally Posted by razrbakcrzy View Post
Try getting a 4-6" piece of PVC that will screw in that bung with a cap and see if that will hellp your issue...See Image...if that dosn't fix it in the second photo you can see a ball valve installed on the front air intake and that will let you close your intake down a little bit to help control you heat...Good luck....
Hmm...not sure I know what you mean. Why would I want to put a stack on it with a cap. Putting a cap on it is still closing it up. From what I've read from some of the early Pioneers in this thread, using a stack really is just for aesthetics and offers no improvement on air flow. I already have a ball valve on one of the 3/4" intakes. Honestly, I think it is just a matter of starting with way less pre-burned coals to start. Then I should be able to leave the exhaust open more. Going to try on my next cook.

My design is pretty much as simple as they get and I have not tried to reinvent the wheel here. I appreciate the feedback Razr.


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