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The two inch bung should be completely open. Don't close it up. You need that to exhaust stale smoke and to create a good draft to pull in air in th bottom. Never use the exhaust to regulate temps.

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Yeah, wood furniture dolly should be just fine temporarily until I get the real deal. It is just the bottom lip that sits on the wood. My coals actually sit up about 4" above the drum floor anyway. This is my basket - it is one solid mother and heavy too.

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Doing another test burn in my UDS as I write this to get a better feel. gonna let it burn over night. The first one I did not have a suitable temp. gauge and I had a hard time dialing in the temp. Kind of started off to a rocky start tonight too. Temps shot to 355 and held. I tried backing down to 225 and finally got it there an hour and 15 min. later. Now at 235 and cruising. The main problem I'm for sure I was having was pouring a WHOLE chimney of flaming hot coals on top of the coals in fire basket. So temps immediately were too hot at around 355. Harder to get under control on the downswing then adjusting upwards. She wants to really run with the 2 1/4" bung all the way open so I have her dialed in right now with the bung open about 1" open and only one 3/4" intake open.

What about your's does she like to cruise?

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