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Default Time to Return Fire from the Noobian Alliance

Now that's a Bomb!!!

Mr. Bigamus Bytamus , is this a torpedo a legal shot?

I started with marinading a "LONDON" Broil for two days, in Thomas Marinade and Extra Virgin Olive Oil for this great display of Pron.
Other ingredients: Eggplant, White Onions, Green Bell Peppers, Assorted baby Bell Peppers, Smoked thick Bacon, Portabella Mushrooms, Yellow Squash, Wild Rice, Corn, Asparagus and of course English Muffins. All for this salute to London for being the city chosen for the 2012 Olympic Games.

The Two Day Marinading

The Ingredients ready to go!

The Tribute to the Olympic Eternal Flame

The making of the Rings, White Onions soaked in the proper colors of the Olympic, used grilled eggplant for the Black ring,

Grilled most veggies with Olive oil and Spices and Lemon Pepper.

The British Dept of beef London Broil, Ok maybe USDA prime beef.

Torch pieces grill'n, Wrapped the Aspargus in thick bacon, rolled in dark brown sugar. This was awesome and used as the handle to the Torch you will see later.

The Branding just so you understand.

The London Brand of Beef

Golden Skillet Grilled Corn

Torch parts for the build

The Torch made out of 1 green bell pepper, Flame portion is baby red, orange, and yellow bell peppers, a portabella mushroom (to keep any oil from running on your hand as you carry this torch to the lighting of he Olympic flame.

The Final Tribute to London, you will see the London Broil slices on a bed of English Wild Rice Risotto surrounded by grilled English Muffins and the golden grilled yellow squash and the golden skillet grilled corn depicting only Gold of course.

"Burning for the Gold because Silver or Bronze just isn't good enough!!!."

Enjoy!!! I sure did, I put together an English Muffin Sandwich and this was Farking Outstanding, only regret is was I had to take it apart to eat....yeah right. It was absolutely Pronographic.
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